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Sidney 22nd December 2007 15:53

2007: the year in numbers
6.3 Percentage of computer users running Vista, according to one assessment using web browser agent records

4.4 Current AMD market capitalisation in billions of dollars

2 Number of companies (Nvidia and ATI) Kicking Pat Gelsinger told The INQUIRER that Intel considered buying for GPU nous

1 Rating of Hector Ruiz in ranks of best-paid
semiconductor bosses

Rutar 22nd December 2007 16:34

Are they serious that Riuz gets more money than the CEO of Intel?

Shogun 23rd December 2007 06:14

This is totally the kind of journalism I want to see from The Inq! :woot: :-p


11 Number of companies acquired by Oracle in 2007
Considering the number of companies Oracle has acquired the past year, I am surprised only 11 in 2007. |D

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