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jmke 29th January 2007 14:16

2007 will be a good year for chips
2007 IS GOING to be every bit as interesting a year as 2006 was, something I would not have believed if at this time last year.

The desktop war in 2007 will be all about Barcelona. AMD will be sucking wind until it arrives, and possibly in the lead when it does come. The landscape depends on how AMD executes here, the ball is theirs to drop.

Intel has all the high risk transitions done, the firm is coasting for 2007. The momentum is theirs, and there is no ball to drop. If AMD does well, the company does well. If AMD screws up, they have the potential to destroy all the hard won credibility they earned over the last three years.

With any luck, Conroe lit the same fire under AMD that K8 did for Intel.

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