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RichBa5tard 4th December 2002 17:33

Workstation advise needed
My brother needs to buy 3 new workstations, but he doesn't now what to get. My knowledge of Xeon/ MP procs is limited, so what do you guys think?

Main application: photoshop and alike
* lot's of ram needed
* +19" CRT
* 2 swappable disks (doesn't need to be hot-swappable) and 2 main disks for OS and progs

These are the possibilities so far:
* Dual Xenon 400FSB, 2.0Ghz + SCSI RAID for OS + 2*120GB WD 8MB cache DATA + 2GB ECC DDR SDRAM = 4000

* Single Xenon 400FSB, 2.0Ghz + IDE RAID for OS + 2*120GB WD 8MB cache DATA + 1GB ECC DDR SDRAM = 3000

* Dual XP2000+ +same as above = 2000

* Single P4 2.66 533FSB + same as above = 2000

Is Dual Xenon worth it's price? It's amazingly expensive, and only 400FSB...

DJ-EviL 4th December 2002 17:35

this would be my choice (if money is available)
Dual Xenon 400FSB, 2.0Ghz + SCSI RAID for OS + 2*120GB WD 8MB cache DATA + 2GB ECC DDR SDRAM = 4000

RichBa5tard 4th December 2002 17:38

Money is available... but price must be justified. If the Dual Xenon rig is only 10% faster than the Dual XP2000+ rig (which is half the price), the XP2000+ will be bought.

Also, why would someonbe advise a single Xenon proc? ???
It's far more expensive than a "normal" p4, and has 400 instead of 533FSB.

DUR0N 4th December 2002 17:50

price/speed : dual xp
performance : xeon

multiprocessoring in photoshop& cad/cam is highly supported and the extra budget you need is small

0,02 de moi

marcelleke 4th December 2002 20:15

if you buy those two atholon's there will be lots to much heat into your case and xeon are much more powerfull if you ask me!

jmke 4th December 2002 20:20

Dual XP with some good clip on HS (AX7 ?)
make that 2x XP2400+ , unlock them for MP use and you have ONE fast workstation

sure to outperform the Dual Xeon 2ghz workstation, no doubt

jmke 4th December 2002 20:23

check these stats
Dual Xeon 1.7ghz

that is a SINGLE AMD 1.2ghz as comparison...
Oct 2002

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