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Rutar 29th November 2005 14:15

wise words from the inquirer


The pestilence of flash aside, most gaming sites and magazines are so far from publishing a real review it is laughable.

Read the reviews, and compare that to the numerical scores. Then look at sites that put reader ratings next to the official scores. Notice a discrepancy? For bonus points, find me a major ratings site that regularly gives out a score of 6/10 or less. Once again, they are owned.

Mediocrity with no way of picking the good from the bad

sounds familiar to the hardware sector :hoff:

ObNoXiouS 6th December 2005 23:13

Not a very reputable source.
Sort of like believing everything you read.....

Rutar 7th December 2005 14:25

I know, but they aren't talking about what Nvidia or ATI do next in this article it's an explicit commenatary :/

ObNoXiouS 8th December 2005 00:59

still not trustworthy. they deal in sensationalism.

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