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Sidney 11th October 2007 01:25

What if Your CPU Cooler Fails?
the Pentium Dual Core E2160, which is a low-cost processor rated at a TDP of 65 W, managed to complete all ten benchmarks with the CPU fan disconnected! Compared to the 45 W of AMD's Athlon X2 BE-2350, this processor cannot possibly go as high as 65 W, as it would have shut down at some point.

Lino 11th October 2007 11:00

really? I'm still longing for the time, long ago, when CPU needed just a passive HS or did even without... much more civilized ;-)

geoffrey 11th October 2007 17:37


Intel's Core 2 Duo E6850 completed two out of ten benchmarks with a non-working CPU fan. This is clearly a better result than the Athlon 64 X2 6000+.
Why is that better, eventually the system will act weird for the occasional pc users and he will take his pc to the nearest repair shop. It is impressive though that the E2160 completed all tasks, though I do care about reading some temps. What if the board is cooking hot and some components get overheated, wouldn"t it be better then to have a pc that shuts of too early instead of paying the ticket of damaged boards?

Sidney 11th October 2007 18:16

I guess you missed the point:)
It merely points out the low thermal load; the reference of shut off is just a matter of cause.

geoffrey 11th October 2007 18:21

No time to read through it entirely, what is the point then?

jmke 11th October 2007 19:06

that the design of the E2160 is pretty darn good, offering good power reducing failover features in case over fan failure to keep the PC running, reducing performance a bit (10-30%)

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