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jmke 20th June 2005 19:50

What does your Home Network and Multimedia Setup look like
Longest topic title ever? Anyway, interested in seeing some nice drawings of your fully equipped home network, and multimedia movie/music serving devices!

and... draw!

jmke 20th June 2005 20:58

I'll get started with an ugly drawing;)

piotke 20th June 2005 21:18


wutske 20th June 2005 21:32

One of my Pc's might become a dataserver.
The 2 hubs in my room are simply because a) I had them b) the cable was too short and c) a 19" hub is handy because it has the connectors and LEDs on the same side d) 10mbs is enough for Internet, we don't share files in our network.

And for the multimedia, nothing, I have a surround system, but that's all the multimedia in our house, we don't even have a vcr (we had, but all the 6 heads are dead :grum:) and we never get DVD's.

Sidney 20th June 2005 22:06

Color Laser Printer hooked up to server.

PCI TV turner hooked up in Family room PC.

Wireless speakers installed on backyard deck and living room while family room speakers are wired.

agent #2 20th June 2005 23:28

Plain simple :p

FreeStyler 20th June 2005 23:52

Don't you just LOOOVEE paint =) =) =) =)
Laptop is roaming off course

jmke 22nd June 2005 14:40

and now the software & cable side and other kind of things;

*10mbit internet connection goes straight into [Server];
[Server] is running Apache with local copy of Madshrimps website&forum for development. Also running terminal services for the internal network. Keeps track of download stats and distributes Anti-Virus definition updates to clients. [Server] is hooked up to 4-way KVM Switch [TestAXP] and 15" CRT Monitor (thank you Bosw8er). 2nd network card in [Server] goes to 8-port 100mbit Switch.

From that Switch 2 cables leave the room

*Cable1 goes to my room straight into 8-port 100mbit switch. [Workstation] is hooked up to 2x17" TFT and 2-way KVM Switch. [TestP4] is hooked up to the KVM Switch; [TestA64] is situated a little bit further and also hooked up to a 2-way KVM Switch, so I got one spot empty. [TestA64] has 17" TFT also.

*Cable2 goes living room into 4-port 100mbit switch/wireless access point. One cable goes to [XBOX], other cable goes to [PS2], [FamilyPC] has wireless connection, but Sound and TV-Out (s-video) leave from [FamilyPC] to the TV, which uses a Scart multiconnector to hook up the VHS recorder, [PS2], [XBOX], [FamilyPC] for image. An amplifier accepts the Sound input from [XBOX] and [FamilyPC] so I can hear sound coming through 2 bad-*** stereo speakers from the HIFI.

StaRflaM 25th June 2005 18:01

TeuS 26th June 2005 06:48

right now, all of this on 3 square meters in the garage :D

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