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Sidney 27th November 2004 18:41

What do I know about the games of today?
Games I used to play were back in the stone-age, DOS base made in the early 90"s. Then, came Microsoft Flight Sim in 1998 followed by Crimson skies.

Heavily influenced by this forum, I braved into Flat-out, Doom3, Far-cry, UT2004; and two night ago I ventured into HL2 at my nephew's machine. Far-cry is the top game that I like afterward, second is Flat-out.

What is you favorite?:)

TeuS 27th November 2004 18:59

cs:source as long as it's not copy-protected, and enemy territory

i'll start playing hlČ later on. since my notebook has no good graphic chip i'm barely playing games.

piotke 27th November 2004 19:18

Two games I really enjoyed, Max Payne 1 & 2, the only two games I also finished.

I've also been playing age of empires for a while.

jmke 27th November 2004 19:19

Flatout, HL2 and CS:Source for the moment

at LANS its UT2003/2004/Q3A which dominates :)

agent #2 27th November 2004 19:49

Addicted to Rome: Total War now.
Sometimes some Ravenshield or CoD. Haven't got HlČ and farcry. :(

kr15t0f 27th November 2004 19:59

still warcraft3 as my favorite

other games I liked a lot

retal: old dos combat flight sim
commander keen. think most people here know it.
command and conquer generals
age of empires2


DIABLOII + LoD But I don't play that anymore. Played it too much I think.

StaRflaM 27th November 2004 20:10

i play UT2004 in the belgium team and some racing if i'm reaaaaly bored :D

SuAside 27th November 2004 20:18

oldskool games:

Fallout 1 & 2
warcraft 1 & 2 + starcraft
Ground Control 1 & exp

recent games:

Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War
World of Warcraft
Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines

havent been able to play HL2 yet, still waiting on my collectors edition (**** VIVENDI EUROPE!)

jort 27th November 2004 20:47

i played these games alot

nfsu1(4times finisched)



kristos 28th November 2004 00:22

I just started playing NFSU2 on pc and GTA SA on ps2.
first games I've touched since two months :)

What I played before... to much to name
but some milestones probably are
Test Drive on pc, first game ever (as far as my recollection goes anyway ;))
Wave Race on Nintendo64 coolest game ever :D
Diablo 2 LoD on pc, solely convinced me of the use of online gaming, also my greatest addiction ever :)
Gran Turismo, MOH, MOHAA, driver, farcry, ... some games I actually finished
motoracer, fifa97, bust a move, V-rally 2, ... multiplayer madness :o

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