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Rutar 13th October 2007 16:58

UT3 demo
What do you think?

So far I am amazed that it looks best if I turn off all post processing and put the world detail to the lowest setting and just up the resolution. I end up with sharp graphics and better gameplay compared to the HDR overkill higher settings are.

The news hardcore UT99 fans will love is it brings the Sniper Rifle and the double enforcers back, but due to the too high gamespeed they just aren't the same.

Wrigleyvillain 14th October 2007 07:40

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Damn right...I don't miss AA at such high res (1920x1200)

And it seems to be nicely multi-threaded :woot:

Rutar 14th October 2007 10:08

I think AA forced through the control panel works.

I noticed too that the multithreading is working as good as it never did before in a game, my 4400+ finally seems to be working as intended (tough I still need to fraps bench it).

jmke 14th October 2007 13:34

The feign death is fun option :D

blind_ripper 17th October 2007 20:53

well (tryed) to play with UT3 and a 6200LE omg il kille my self !
never see sutch bad grafiks :s

jmke 17th October 2007 20:57

play it in software, Quad core should handle it:p

blind_ripper 17th October 2007 21:29


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 157577)
play it in software, Quad core should handle it:p

well im on a E6850 @ 3.6ghz 24/7 :)

geoffrey 17th October 2007 21:37

Oh, I like this game so much, brings back the good old Unreal Tournament memories, can't wait for the full game to appear.
Also runs very fluently on my gaming rig: 3GHz Core 2 Duo E6600 + 2GB PC6400 DDR2 + 8800GTS 320MB
Maximum details at 1600x1200 :)

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