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The Senile Doctor 28th March 2003 12:05

a true and funny review
what did the guy expect?

:^D :^D

jmke 28th March 2003 12:08


The program is $30 and did not do all that much for my two test systems. While there were not any significant drops in the benchmark, there also were no significant gains either! That isnít to say that someone else might get better results, since in theory the program is the equivalent of a 70,000 mile check up. In my experience the features that did work were not worth the price tag.
sums it up quite nicely

enough free alternatives out there that DO work :)

Bosw8er 28th March 2003 12:09

Excellent graphing function
Simple to use

Did not improve PC performance
Did not prevent lock ups


jmke 30th March 2003 12:40

positive review


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