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Sidney 13th September 2007 20:24

Transcend aXeRam DDR2 800+
Transcend calls it Overclocking Memory Modules for $75 2x1GB

jmke 13th September 2007 21:26

How much do they OC ? :)

Sidney 13th September 2007 21:42

From what I've read 510Mhz; being so cheap myself I don't have the CPU to find out unless I go get my brother's E6400. I could find out from E2140 using 4:5, but it would only go to 458Mhz. :)

Above screen shot using SPD auto; no DDR2 voltage increase.

jmke 13th September 2007 21:45


Originally Posted by Sidney (Post 155627)
Above screen shot using SPD auto; no DDR2 voltage increase.

400 CL4 is rated spec, would be worrisome if you needed a volt increase:p

Sidney 13th September 2007 21:48

Good thing is 1.8V; some 400 CL4 requires >1.8V, read specs carefully is needed. :)

jmke 13th September 2007 21:51

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yup, cheaper sticks DDR2-800 are CL5, I have those sitting in a budget build

Sidney 13th September 2007 22:09

Can't beat the price.

jmke 13th September 2007 22:11

CPU-Z screenie shown is from: TK Memory DDR2 800 U-DIMM 1GB (39 euro) x 2 = €78
indeed very good value for money. Would work better with this AMD AM2 setup, as it likes lower timings more, you really notice a difference, on Intel CL4 or CL5, not much impact

Sidney 13th September 2007 22:14

Will try to find out how high it goes for $75 :)

Sidney 14th September 2007 02:08

Without voltage bump, this is the best it delivers.

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