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DeSjelle 15th August 2003 01:23

TFT monitor
I'm sorry to bother you guys again with a new thread about a TFT monitor but the latest reviews about these monitors handle (mostly) 17" monitors or larger and I want a 15" monitor because I'm very VERY rich. :) I tried to do a search here and on other fora but you can only start a search with 4 letter words and because TFT or LCD are 3 letter words....
I'm gaming 98% of my time on the pc, the other 2% is for starting the pc :D
1) So I'm looking for a monitor with a fast response time. :) I've learned that that should be 25 or less.
2) Image Brightness is something that seems to be less on 15" monitors then bigger ones?
3) Contrast ratio should be 500 or higher?
4) I see that the 15" monitor displays a resolution of 1024x768 which is fine for me. A game like Diablo II that has a max. resolution of 800x600, is this a problem?
5) Something else I need to look for?

Is this maybe something for me?

Da_BoKa 15th August 2003 23:48

the belinea 101570 is quit good

and normaly you have just enough wilt 40 ms ( that is the min ) bevause there are 25 frames a second in a movie

so calculate yourself


FreeStyler 16th August 2003 08:58

Hyundai screens are best buy for gamers ATM.

The Acer looks good too. Don't have any experience with it.

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