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RichBa5tard 7th October 2004 16:00

Which TFT to choose?
I need a second TFT screen, mainly for programming, but I'd be nice to have a decent TFT for gaming too.

I can't choose between these:

Real cheap, sufficient for programming.
- 17" Benq T701

size: 17"
res: 1280x1024
c/r: 450:1
response time: 25ms
connection: analog
price: 290€

Cheap for a 19", good response ratio, but no DVI.
- 19" BenQ T904 schwarz 1280x1024 analog

size: 19"
res: 1280x1024
c/r: 700:1
response time: 25ms
connection: analog
price: 390€

Affordable, DVI and low response, but worse contrast ratio than the 390€ model.
- 19" BenQ FP937s 19" analog/digital

size: 19"
res: 1280x1024
c/r: 450:1
response time: 12ms
connection: analog/DVI
price: 440€

Nice dsign, DVI, excellent contrast ratio but a bit too expensive.
- 19" TFT Samsung SyncMaster 910T

size: 19"
res: 1280x1024
c/r: 1000:1
response time: 25ms
connection: analog/DVI
price: 545€

jmke 7th October 2004 16:13

no Hyundai Q17 ? :(

Bosw8er 7th October 2004 16:24

As you prolly go for the 19" (bigger is better, certainly for programming) and as you prolly spend a lot of hours in front of the screen and as preserving your excellent eyesight ain't something to be cheap about ... my choice would be ... Samsung !

BlackRabbit 7th October 2004 17:03

Re: Which TFT to choose?

Originally posted by RichBa5tard
but I'd be nice
You're already nice to me ;)

Interesting topic, searching a TFT too ATM

cR00zIFI><3r 7th October 2004 17:23

there's a cheap TFT in the macro I thought...
I don't know exactly which one, I believe it was a Siemens...

OK, I found it:

Scaleo View C17-3

2 years waranty

RichBa5tard 7th October 2004 18:30


Originally posted by Bosw8er
As you prolly go for the 19" (bigger is better, certainly for programming)
Higher resolution is better... but they're all 1280*1024. :/ I can't afford a 1600*1200 TFT. I rather use a 15" 1400*1050 than a 1280*1024 17" TFT, but my laptop is getting too slow.

@jmke: the Hyundai Q17 has the same specs and price as the BenQ FP937s, but the latter is 19"...

jmke 7th October 2004 18:34

don't rely on SPECS please; never do that :)

Sidney 7th October 2004 18:38

I like my Albatron with both VGA and DVI; used more than 18 months not a single dead pixel, too bad they don't make this model anymore.

Albatron is the "oldest" maker of monitor and TFT.

kristos 7th October 2004 20:17

a wee bit offtopic but:

what are the important specs (sorry jmke but testing them isn't exactly an option ;)) that I need to keep in mind when looking for a good TFT?

Da_BoKa 7th October 2004 20:24

DVI, refresh time, and contrast ratio ( the higher the better ) those are the most important things

jort 7th October 2004 22:20

i've got an benq tft (the 17" FP731)

i didn't have any probs with it.
no pixelghosting or something @doom3, farcry, nfsu, etc.

no dead pixels ( k its only 3weeks old) :p

Dentnvr6 8th October 2004 08:29

I've got a sony sdm hs94p/b and am VERY pleased with it!


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