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vegeta 15th April 2003 08:53

spdif for epox 8rda+
i finaly made an spdif optical/coaxial output for my epox 8rda+
i thought it was a total waste of the soundstorm if there wasn't spdif connectors. an it's hard to get such bracket of epox in belgium. but this one is cooler than the one from epox. my has an optical in, out, coaxial in , out :D and epox only a optical out.

untill now the optical out works fine, the other connectors not yet tested. i'll keep you updated

jmke 15th April 2003 08:57

would you be interested in making a tutorial of this baby to be shown to the world?

great work!

vegeta 15th April 2003 08:59

why not ? if the other connectors works :D

jmke 15th April 2003 09:03

great! :super: let her rip ;)

vegeta 25th April 2003 14:50

the input works fine :D , does anyone know any programms to rip from an optical in (something that has an oscilator. so i can compare the same songs ripped op pc an the one trough an optical in. to see if i lost some some sound-quality

jmke 25th April 2003 15:06

uhm do you mean sound editing software? Like CoolEdit 2000 ?

or what are you looking exactly?

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