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RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 13:25

Some Epia lovin'
So I bought a Via Epia low power system 2 weeks ago. While my P4 2.6C was fast, it was just impossible to get completely silent. This Via Epia M10000 isn't. :)

I don't feel like uploading all the pic so I'm going to attach them one by one.

Teh board:

Small thingie, 17*17cm.

RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 13:28

And this nice case to put it in:

It's a lianli PC402B. Normally it has a plexi front, but that's not my kind of taste.

RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 13:30


RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 13:33

The standard cooling is way overkill and prett noisy. The 40mm fan keeps the processor below 30 degrees all time... yet it's completely stable up to 85 degrees.

I dismantled my Zalman 80C-HP videocard cooler from my R9800 and modified it somewhat to fit the Epia board. The processor doesn't get hotter than 50 degrees this way. Good enough. :)

RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 13:36

Other side:

The only PCI slot is filled with my good ol' hauppage TV card. I had to modify the PSU somewhat to fit, the case is designed for miniATX PSU's, which are much, much smaller.

The Lianli comes with a 180W miniatx psu, but it's waaaaay to loud.

RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 13:36

top view of PSU and DVD:

[Bonbon] 3rd December 2003 13:37

Thats really nice done RB.
How loud is the PSU ? (relative , not in dba)

edit : i was typing the question while you were posting i see

RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 13:41


mp3 load: 3%
mpeg2 (DVD + 5.1 sound): 70-80%
[i]I haven't managed to enable the hardware mpeg2 decoder under linux yet, but it's just powerfull enough to decode it through software.
mpeg4 (divx): 30-40% load

Office & internet: fast enough

For those who have a fast backup rig to play games and love silent rigs, I would seriously recommend it. :)

RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 13:42


Originally posted by [Bonbon]
Thats really nice done RB.
How loud is the PSU ? (relative , not in dba)

edit : i was typing the question while you were posting i see

Inaudible. The 550W psu manages to power 60W with a mosfet temp of 45-55 degrees.

I can't hear the fans when they're running at 5V, so I hooked them up today. They're even more quiet than a papst NGL 13dBa, but move (even less) air. :)

To give you an idea of the noise it produces: I can't tell by hearing whether it's on or off.

piotke 3rd December 2003 13:55

very nice, where did you buy tha tlian li ? and the price was ?

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