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mattyg_dnb 28th September 2005 03:44

quick psu question
is it normal for your +5v and +12v rail to fluctuate slightly..... I noticed this in bios and my fan rpm's seem to fluctuate also slighty (both my hsf {cooler master 80mm} and my 2 front Antec 80mm's) like I said it is very lightly yes?:

+5v mostly at 5.148v jumps to 5.175v
+12v mostly at 12.258 drops to 12.195

my psu reads:
400W max
+3.3v: 38A
+5v: 50A
+12v: 18A
-12V: 1.0A
-5v: 0.8A
+5VSB: 2.5A

read my signature for the rest of my specs. any response is apreciated, I'm just wondering if it's "normal", btw my Vcore is steady @ 1.338V as well as +3.3v rail @ 3.354V
Thanks again!

Sidney 28th September 2005 04:11

Voltage x Amperage = Wattage

1) From what you have given, they add up to ~600 Watts
2) How do you arrive the voltage readings
3) A power supply is only as good as what the monther board circuit can hold.


Prescott is quite power hungry; a 3Ghz Prescott S478 deserves a better than 450 Watts to be safe.

zachig 29th September 2005 05:42

Seems OK to me! These are not big fluctuations. If you were talking about voltages below +5V and below +12V I would start to worry, but since your voltages never drop below +5V nor +12V, you should be OK.

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