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Teemto 21st March 2011 11:10

PSU advice
Which one to take?

I currently have a Corsair HX850W and at high Vcore 1,55-1,6V on 2600K and crossfire or X2 cards I feel that it's lacking power.

Corsair PSU HX1000 Watt 208
Corsair PSU Gold AX1200 Watt 257

Enermax Revolution 85+ 1020W 243
Enermax Revolution 85+ 1250W 308

In other words, is the Enermax or the Corsair AX worth the premium price tag over the Corsair HX1000?

leeghoofd 21st March 2011 17:41

Only one option pascal the AX 1200, The enermax is multi rail which is shite for benching... I have an HX1000 at the moment, but looking to replace it has it already has issues with Tri SLI...

Teemto 22nd March 2011 07:10

Thx Albrecht, it's already ordered.

geoffrey 22nd March 2011 19:15

Corsair Gold series should be an excellent choice for ya.

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