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DJ-EviL 18th June 2002 18:20

Can all of you post some PROJECTOR manufacturer websites ?
im looking for the companies who build projectors

and another thing ==>
does somebody know a company where im able to lend some computers for 1 or 2 days

Erik701 18th June 2002 19:09

projectoren: gewoon standaardmerken hebben er ook al:

DUR0N 18th June 2002 19:11

live! from your local MAKRO store: projector i need to say more?

Erik701 18th June 2002 19:14

indeed. Last week also @ Carrefour.

DJ-EviL 18th June 2002 19:36

@carrefour ? ==> i do not need JUNK :p

Erik701 18th June 2002 19:40

carrefour != junk. (not always. :^D )

DJ-EviL 18th June 2002 19:53

;) Almost always

DJ-EviL 18th June 2002 20:10

[sorry but i will type in dutch for a moment, thats easier to explain things]

Zeg manne
Wat hebde volgens u nodig om een geslaagd bijeenkomstje te organiseren
buiten pcs / Muziek / en projectors
wat ebde nog nodig ?
tis dus geen LAN-party
tis bijeenkomst van ons dorp

+- 75-100 man

DUR0N 18th June 2002 20:22

bier (=beer)
drank, versnaperingen ;)
goede organistaie, en en een paar buitenwippers

jASjE 18th June 2002 22:25

DivXkes :D

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