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silencer 4th March 2004 12:18

P4 processor stick to headseak
Hoe kan ik best die twee lossen??

How do i best seperate the 2?

BlackRabbit 4th March 2004 12:20


= Heatsink?

If yes: freeze them :)

silencer 4th March 2004 12:23

headsink. sry for my error.

jmke 4th March 2004 12:27


heaTsink ;)
stUck :)

just wriggle it off.

silencer 4th March 2004 12:48

how long does it have to stay in the deepfreeze?

jmke 4th March 2004 13:01

no freezer.. you are talking about a heatsink you removed from the mobo where the P4 is stuck at the bottom?

or are you talking about the P4 heatspreader?

silencer 4th March 2004 13:06

No, i'm not talking about the headspreader. It is the headsick that is pressed on the processor. And i can't separeted them. The black sticker hold them together.

jmke 4th March 2004 13:07

head spreader?
head sick?

got a picture?
have no clue about what you are talking, I ask 2 questions, you answer with one :"no" ?

silencer 4th March 2004 13:13

heatsick + cpu those 2 are sticked together.

= Heatsick + headspreader + cpu

and i can't seperated those two (headsick and headspreader).

They are not in the mobo for the moment.

Sry my mistake i misted betwean t and d always those dt mistakes :rolleyes:

jmke 4th March 2004 13:17

heaTsiNk , heaTspreader :) unfortunate mistyping there!

how did they become stuck together? from what PC did you remove them?

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