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UltraVolta425 25th December 2009 11:23

overclocking question

The area I marked, does this indicate either:
A) the CPU clock is normally 3.00 GHz, but you overclocked it, so now it's 3.60GHz, both of the processors, or
B) one CPU (it's a C2D E6850 running at 3.00GHz) currently works at 3.00GHz and the other 3.60GHz?

I tried taking a look at CPU-Z, but I'm not really getting much wiser of it.
Please tell me if you need a screenie of CPU-Z as well, it's not a problem. :)

So, which one is it, actually? :)

JimmyJump 25th December 2009 14:28

First is the stock speed (what it should be), the second is the current speed (OC speed), so the answer is "A".

wutske 25th December 2009 23:11

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What's not clear about the CPU-z screen ?

The Core Speed box (underlined in pink) indicates the actual speed of the cpu.
The speed mentioned in the Specification box is the 'normal' frequency the cpu is supposed to work at.

So in the screenshot, I have T2300 which is supposed to work at 1.66Ghz but is currently running at 996.4Mhz.

leeghoofd 26th December 2009 08:58

Well this even complicates it some more for some users Wutske. They have bought eg a 3ghz CPU OC'ed it to 3.6Ghz. They open the CPU-Z tab and see 2400Mhz (6 x 400 OC'ed FSB EIST enabled)
Then they open Vista system tab : there it indicates a 3ghz CPU present, but OC'ed to eg 3.6Ghz...

Not everyone is aware of EIST and co... (in fact it means you are far smarter than most of us :p)

!! Merry Xmass all !!

Gamer 26th December 2009 10:17

Disable it in the bios Wutske :)

leeghoofd 26th December 2009 11:12

Mayeb he want's to have the saving feature enabled sir Geeemer

wutske 26th December 2009 12:15


Originally Posted by Gamer (Post 251303)
Disable it in the bios Wutske :)

Why should I ? Like leeghoofd said, it saves a lot of energy, keeps the computer cool and it doesn't need to be running at full power when it's idle'ing :-p

UltraVolta425 26th December 2009 16:32

Ok, thanks, Jimmy, glad I understand a bit more about this kind of things now. :)

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