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RichBa5tard 23rd November 2002 12:13

Which OC mobo to get?
My dad is considering upgrading his P3 500Mhz (he bought a $$$$ diascanner yesterday and reallised he needed usb2.0, lol) , and since a e845(p)e w/ P4 533FSB proc is a good way to go, he wants to buy my MSI 845e mobo & 2.4B proc.

Wooptiedoo, now i can buy a decent overclockers mobo! :o Time is not on my side, so no waiting for the abit bg7. Price is important, so I thought of going for a 845pe mobo with 2*256MB PC3200 (corsair). PC3500 is too expensive, and I think you can go a long way with PC3200 (even until the 800/400FSB intel/amd procs are available).

The Abit IT7 max2v2 is "la creme de la creme" for the time being, but 250 is too steep. I'm not going to use the firewire/usb2 stuff anyway. So what do you guys think? An abit BE7 (no-nonsense version of the max2v2) is available for 150 eur @ loveno. Or should I try ASUS for a change (P4PE). I've had a great time with my KR7A, but it seems like abit is loosing his tough a bit (the KD7 isn't all that)...

450~500 euros to spare... what to buy?

Be7 (raid): 150 (167) eur
2* PC3200 corsair: 272 eur
422 (439) eur?

What do you guru's think? :ws:

I only found one review of the abit be7 and overclocking was overlooked at. Should I asume it overclocks as well (or even better) as the it7 max2v2?

jmke 23rd November 2002 12:17

the guru's say: Wait for GB

and you know that one yourself also :)
buy a cheap 2nd hand mobo for time being, and spend your hard cash $$$ on the GB mobo

Bosw8er 23rd November 2002 13:23

I'm betting this is going to be my next board for the home PC. I'll couple it to some juicy WD 8MB HD until serial ata disks are available. By the time the board hits the market here, the XP 2600 or 2700 will be below the 250 eur border.

Almost everything i need will be on board.

RichBa5tard 23rd November 2002 14:22

looks superb, but i want a intel based mobo. Unless some-one wants to trade a XP2600+ with my 2.53B. ;)

biCker 23rd November 2002 15:50

I'm expecting an IT-7max to come back from rma any day now, since I have no use for it anymore I'll sell it for uhm, lets see, 100 eurokes?

RichBa5tard 23rd November 2002 17:39

100 euro's is a bargain for such a mobo. :o

I asume you can't be sure it will arrive next week? I'll need one before next weekend so I haven't made my mind up yet...

fredperry 23rd November 2002 21:20

I read on xtremesystems that peter from liked the EPoX with PE chipset...EP4A+ or something, its for sale @ for 188
Or the Asus P4PE?

I wouldn't buy the BE7 after what I've read a few weeks ago when it was launched. Maybe a new BIOS made it better, but dunno...

RichBa5tard 23rd November 2002 21:23

Hmm... the asus P4PE is pretty expensive, but it does have some nice features. Abit seems to make a lot of mistakes lately... damnit. :/

Bicker, you there? That IT7-max deal sounds sweeter every second. :D

jmke 24th November 2002 00:46

I got an Asus P4PE in my multimedia rig
kick *** performance for movie editing :)

RichBa5tard 24th November 2002 14:05

Yup, looks like a very decent mainbord, but very expensive compared to the competition! :o

To sum up:
- abit BE7 (150): bios probs?
- asus P4PE (185): expensive!
- epox 4PEA (130): cheap, but no onboard LAN. Nowhere to be found ???
- msi 845pe (125): very cheap, all onboard, 1.8vcore, but bad overclocker and that's why i'm trading in my msi 845e...
- abit it7 max2v2 (250): far too expensive, prolly never gonna use all the features anyway.
- abit be7-g (200?): same as be7, but with sata, gigabit lan, ...
- gigabyte? chaintech?
- bicker's rma'ed it7 max (100): i'd take it any day :)

The epox seems attractive, but where can I get it? funcomp only has the "all in" version which i'm not interested in. I haven't found a single review of it though... :/

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