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Bosw8er 18th November 2002 17:51

Nv30 - Fx
I already like this demo

TerAngreal 18th November 2002 18:02

idem - voer voor "america's funniest gfx demo's" :)

DJ-EviL 18th November 2002 19:27

kickass filmke + grappig ;)
kan nie wachten tot er review komt

jmke 18th November 2002 23:39


Bosw8er 18th November 2002 23:56

I think the mobo manufacturers make those highly integrated max boards because all your pci slots will be blocked by vidcard cooling ... and it will only get worse.

jmke 19th November 2002 00:02

Bastaspast posted this on shrimp
looks awesome

RichBa5tard 19th November 2002 00:46

Won't the incredebly hot GPU heat up those memchips with the heatspreader instead of cooling them down?

I hope those memchips don't need active cooling, it makes watercooling more difficult. :/

jmke 19th November 2002 00:55

tommorow I'm receiving my test-sample, will make sure to check that out ;)

jmke 19th November 2002 01:57

want to know how it performs?
calantak, show me your bench with the P4 @ 3ghz in nature

50fps 1280x1024x32 in Doom3 (compared to 20fps on the Ti4600)

93fps <> 173fps

RichBa5tard 19th November 2002 02:00

cute little detail: test rig = P4 3.06Ghz

You'll prolly need a kickass CPU to take full advantage of this vidcard.

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