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Reiko 29th March 2003 20:32

Which nForce2 mobo?
I'm going to upgrade in a few weeks. I'm almost certain that I'm going to afford a motherboard with the nForce2 chipset.

I'm looking for a motherboard that is stable. I do have the intention to overclock but I'm not going overclock to the maximum. The layout of the motherboard has to be good: good distance between agp slot and memory slots, atx connector well positioned, ...

The motherboard has to have LAN onboard, Audio onboard (I have a 2.1 setup here, but a mobo with soundstorm is better for the future), Serial ATA Raid0+1 (I'm thinking about 2x Maxtor 80GB 8mb cache SATA)

It doesn't need to have firewire, active cooling on the northbridge (I'm going to cool the northbridge with watercooling), a second LAN port and onboard graphics.

What motherboard do you think that suits me the best.

TeuS 29th March 2003 21:21

you've already read RB's nforceČ review?

RichBa5tard 29th March 2003 21:22

go with the abit nf7-s rev 1.2, it will fit your needs perfectly and it's not too expensive.

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