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agent #2 18th July 2007 13:32

new pc
Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading my cpu, memory and motherboard. Main tasks for this new pc: gaming, browsing, work (programming stuff). I've been looking around a bit in this shop ( and I came to this:
  • Intel Core2Duo 6600
  • Gigabyte P35 mobo
But I still have some questions.
  • What memory should I buy? Do timings matter? Should I just buy PC6400 or should I go for PC8500 ? I probably will do some overclocking.
  • Which Gigabyte P35 mobo? There are so many it seems. Can I put my Thermalright XP-120 on it?
Budget 500-550 .


jmke 18th July 2007 13:36

C2D 6600 is old news, ignore that one completely for now. Either go for the E6420 or higher end Q6600; If it was my money, I would go for E2160 and overclock!

Motherboard choice is solid, P35 is a champ in memory and OC performance, gigabyte's version is good. Check the features and choose the one with best feature/price balance for you.

Regarding memory, if you want to overclock the higher rated memory will give you more headroom, but for performance numbers you shouldn't pick out very expensive DDR2, the extra money spend will not give you massive increase in speed.

CPU cooler, depends if your XP-120 box says "S775" compatible or not;) standard S939 version doesn't include the S775 mount, unless I'm mistaken.

What VGA card will you use?

agent #2 18th July 2007 13:47

Thanks for your input.

I will probably need to buy a Thermalright socket 775 retention module.

As VGA card I'm still doubting to keep my old one (7800GT) or go for a 8800GTS. But that cost another 300 € extra offcourse :(

jmke 18th July 2007 14:07

keep the 7800GT for now, plenty fast to play new games at medium resolution/detail, probably consider upgrade early 2008, when next gen NVIDIA is on the market, that will drop second hand prices of 8800 GTS;

(or you can buy a 8800 GTS from /me ;) have 2 for sale until Friday, they both have bids of 220 currently check

but I would keep the 7800GT a bit longer;)

agent #2 18th July 2007 14:15

Good! :D That problem is solved then.

How about the Intel C2D E4400? Is that a good choise for overclocking?

jmke 18th July 2007 14:41

Go for E4420, more cache, will be good for OC too, but needs a higher FSB to get over 3Ghz, which will require higher end DDR2, unless you run memory async to FSB and "underclock", I know the 680i based boards from NV can not do this, the 975x from Intel can do this, don't know about the P35, anybody?

If the P35 can run memory async (and lower than FSB) you can get PC2-6400 DDR2 sticks and be done with it:)

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