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eskellie8 26th November 2005 05:48

Network trouble
heello all, o bought a laptop today. I wanted to set up a little network so i bought a linksysezxs55w 5 port switch. I currently have my desktop and the laptop hooked to it. heres the problem. Only 1 pc will work at a time. If I turn on desktop 1st, that one gets internet, if i turn on laptop first that gets internet. But whatever one gets turned on 2nd doesnt get internet. Then after i reboot, none have internet, i have to shut them down and reset modem to get my internet back to just 1 of them. I have been going nuts trying to fix this and finaly i just came here to seek your help. I used a chat thing on the linksys website. She said I need an isc program, which made no sense to me caquse i dont think my friend has one and he has the same switch.. Please help. Thanks

jmke 26th November 2005 10:51

it seems you only get ONE IP from your internet provider; what you need is a ROUTER to share your connection; try to sell/trade that Linksys switch for a Linksys router

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