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Bosw8er 12th April 2003 16:17

Network fun
1 switch
1 hub

Connected with each other trough the uplink ports with a crossed cable.

All IP adresses are:
192.168.1.X (X between 1 and 200)

dns's of skynet filled in

It doesn't work, why else would i bother you ?

Thanks for your advice !

jmke 12th April 2003 16:21

uhm the uplink ports are there so that you don't have to use a crossed cable :D

connect normal cable from uplink -> normal :)

TeuS 12th April 2003 16:33

how long is the cable between the hub and the switch?

Bosw8er 12th April 2003 16:37

Changed wiring on two cables (i have the choice of two cables going from hub to switch) to avoid the risk of bad "crimps" ... no go.

Cables go from one uplink to the other uplink.

Connecting cable = 60 - 70 m

Bosw8er 12th April 2003 18:34

I call it a day.

Got everything working except for that one cable between hub and switch.

Possible answers:
- faulty hub uplink (which i doubt because the other 2 pc's + networkprinter that are "inserted" work flawlessly)
- damaged cable (electrician comes by on monday to check)
- other obvious reason on which i will know the answer after about two weeks of suffering and swearing

jmke 12th April 2003 19:17


Originally posted by Bosw8er

Cables go from one uplink to the other uplink.

1 normal cable

switch uplink to hub normal port.
as stated in post #2

Bosw8er 12th April 2003 19:18

%9*#&*?*# router

There is an -UNDOCUMENTED- switch on the back of the router which lets you toggle for uplink.

Had to find that out via google-skillz. You cannot find ONE reference to that switch in the 53-page pdf.

Godamnit !

Thx for the help anyway !

jmke 12th April 2003 19:42

why all the trouble with the crossed cable anyways ?

Bosw8er 13th April 2003 09:07

First thought i had to use crossed inbetween hub and switch.
I didn't know the uplink shouldn't be crossed.

I also lost time because i bought fancy shielded RJ45 connectors ... but they all (30 !) gave bad connection ... replaced them with el cheapo connectors.

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