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thecookie 29th March 2007 09:31

Need Help Pls. with Mobo advice
Hello everyone, i do apologize if this has been discused before :)
I got me a Sparkle Calibre 7950gt , and i was wondering if anyone knows what Mobo would support it.
I have a Asrock 4coreDual Vsta and it sucks, the Vga support list is very limited :(
The card requires 350W , and i have a FSU silent. 500W.
Someone told me that a Asus P5B mobo will do, so if you can, please advise.
This would help me a lot , without going thru the quests and adventures of finding the right mobo.


jmke 29th March 2007 09:38

Why do you think that the 7950GT sucks on the Asrock motherboard? What is wrong? This motherboard supports PCI Express 4x slot if I'm not mistaken, which is more than enough bandwidth to support the 7950GT...

thecookie 29th March 2007 09:50

sorry, i mean that sucks for me, because it doesn't work on my mobo :(
support wise i mean.
i have tried the AGP slot on the card as well with my old video card , and i get the same message "no signal output"

jmke 29th March 2007 12:12

did you try contacting Asrock support concerning this issue, it's possible the board is defective;

"new" board wise, an Intel 965 based motherboard will surely make a for a good option, the Asus P5B is quite good.

thecookie 29th March 2007 12:18

i did, and they got back to me just with the instructions of how to install a video card on a mobo :)) , after asking them specific questions on the situation.
thank for the advice about the asus.

thecookie 30th March 2007 06:14

All Done!
got me the asus P5B and it works great! just need to change the sCPU stock fan.

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