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jlodvo 23rd May 2008 10:56

need advise on pc upgrade
hello everyone, im planning to upgrade my current pc and didnt push thru last time

here's my current rig

intel c2d e6600
abit ip35-pro
2x2gb team extreem dark 1066
2x1TB samsung hard drive
1x320GB seagate dard drive
msi 8800gtx oc edition
silverstone DA750
samsung 226bw

ive ordered a q9450 its arriving tomorrow and my question is
i wanted to have quad sli and i dont knw what motherboard would be better i want something not so expensive and would let me do quad sli on 2 9800gx2 and would a the silverstone da750 do the job on 2 9800gx2? and i plan 2 get another 2x2GB team extreem dark 1066 or should i change it also with the new board? i wanted to try out ddr3 but last i check it was still to expensive and hard to come by here were i live, if thier a good motherboard ddr3 and a ddr3 thats not expensive can you guys tell me which brand model?
i was just thinking about a small upgrade i have the q9450 and was planning on a 9800gx2 and maybe later on adding another 9800gx2, what your though on this?

i wanted to know whats your advise on the following

Proc: core2quad Q9450
Mobo: need a bang for the buck board
Mems: is the teem dark 1066 ok or should i just change?
Video: (9800gx2 any suggestions?)
Power: silverstone DA750
monitor: Samsung 226bw

havng a hard time deciding need you advice thanks!

jmke 23rd May 2008 11:34

What monitor do you have, what games do you play? Your current setup is what many consider high end:)

jlodvo 26th May 2008 01:13

my monitor is a samsung bw226 22 inch

just got the q9450 installed, wow this quads are good got to 3.8ghz with only 1.2volts

i was planning to change my motherboard and mems to use ddr3 any recomendation, coz im buliding a rig for my brother so i think i'll be using my old processor which is a e6600 core 2 duo coz he doesnt play games

and maybe i'll give him my motherboard and mems, i just dont knw which board at the moments is a good choice that is ddr3 and SLI that is sorta cheap and good =) so maybe in the future i can do sli

games i play atm are call of duty 4 and world of warcraft

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