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Freaky 1st February 2005 09:43

need advice for some new hardware
my capacitors from my 3 year old board are leaking so, I'm going to buy some new equipment.
(then maybe later solder some new capacitors on that mainboard)

I was thinking on buying something like:
  • MOBO: Asus A8N SLI Deluxe S939 NVIDIA nForce4 (155,00)
  • CPU: Amd Athlon 64 3200+ boxed socket 939 Winchester (189,00) OR
    Amd Athlon 64 3500+ boxed socket 939 (257,00)

    I'm a litle into OC'ing so should I take the winchester or the "unknown" 3500+?
  • RAM:very unsure something from the attached-file I suppose??
  • GRAKA: XFX GEFORCE 6600GT 128MB PCI-E (215,00) OR Asus nVidia 6600GT 128MB (275.13)
  • PSU: Voeding Enermax Noisetaker 470W EG475AX-VE(G) SATA (124.87)
and of course I want my rig to be a lot more silent than it is now (Volcano 6 CU @ 7000rpm :grum: )
maybe some advanced aircooling or cheap WC? Or should I stay with the boxed cooler?

budget: around 1000
Location: Belgium

a lot of questions, but I came to the right place, right?! ;)

jmke 1st February 2005 09:49

go with the 3200+ it will have enough OC headroom for sure:)

start of with the stock cooling (which is quieter then Volcano 6 CU@7000rpm for sure) and when needed consider upgrading (XP-120 + silent 120mm fan)

for ram, any TCCD powered ram will do fine, Patriot XBLK offers good value for money

Freaky 1st February 2005 10:23

Thx, for the advice!

now I can order without sleepless nights
about making wrong choices

since the XP-120 + Papst is only 67 I think I'll buy it right away (anders gaat het er weer niet van komen)

ow, and about the grafics card, I suppose there are no 6600GT's out where I succesfully can unlock the pipelines?

kristos 1st February 2005 10:29

I wouldn't buy the Asus, too many problems with it.

I'd go for the a DFI NF4. Ultra if you like, they're very easely moddable to a full SLI model. I don't know when exactly they'll be released but it was somewhere in februari and it's best to preorder. Offcourse, there's not much known yet but those with preview samples are very pleased with it.
The Epox NF4 is also very good but I haven't seen an SLI model yet (not that I've been looking for it) and the MSI neo 4 is also very good.

I don't know what your "unknown" 3500+ is but wichever way you go (3000+, 3200+ or 3500+), get a winchester ;). I found the 11* multi from the 3500+ very handy but if it's worth the extra cost is a different question. In terms of overclocking, it doesn't seem to matter.

graka, I'll post a link for a PCIe 6600 roundup when I'm on the other PC but that asus is very expensive...

ram, same, can't read the XLS file on this pc ;) but I'd say, tccd, or if you plan on voltmodding, buying an ocz booster or a dfi, you can go for utt or seccond hand bh-5 (or soon new bh-5 :D)

PSU: OCZ modstream 520W 123 @ bytesatwork (120mm fan so should be fairly silent)

cooler: thermalright XP-120 if it'll fit :) you can use whatever fan you like, even high power fans if you have a fancontroller or fanbay.

jmke 1st February 2005 10:36

.XLS file is list from PC-Memory-Upgrade :)
6600 roundup:

kristos 1st February 2005 10:40

right, lol, I forgot I got the link from madshrimps :wtf:

Freaky 1st February 2005 10:40


Originally posted by jmke
6600 roundup:
I based my choice on that review, the asus is available and did get a star, but after rereading, I feel more like buying a gainward golden sample (hmm gold :D )

187(V)URD@ 1st February 2005 17:37

You can buy a X800XL for 300 in .de

If you wanna spend 275 on a 6600GT maybe consider the X800XL.

Other good brands of GT's are galaxy and leadtek.

Freaky 1st February 2005 17:40


Originally posted by 187(V)URD@
You can buy a X800XL for 300 in .de

If you wanna spend 275 on a 6600GT maybe consider the X800XL.

Other good brands of GT's are galaxy and leadtek.

any shops u could recomend me?

I only found the gainward for 291 @MPL :(

Freaky 2nd February 2005 17:49

a friend of mine pointed me in the MSI way for the motherboard,
the MSI K8N SLI PLATINUM SOCKET 939 is already available and
a lot cheaper, again I'm unsure about it's performance.

If the MSI is any good, then this will be what I'm buying:

MSI K8N SLI PLATINUM SOCKET 939 169,50 (Tones)
OCZ modstream 520W 123,00 (bytes@work)
Amd Athlon 64 3200+ boxed socket 939 Winchester 189,00 (PC WAREZ)
Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK 251,00 (

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