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chapeau_melon 8th November 2011 19:43

NAS advice

Here's my problem:

Connect an external HDD to a FDA regulated PC (so no modding, no drivers install, etc...)
Attaching this HDD to the PC can only be done by USB (like USB memory sticks or regular external HDD’s)

This same HDD will need to be accessible at the same time by USB and Ethernet.

Technically this can’t be done by a NAS…unless:

-You use 2 drives or partitions (?)
-One would be accessible as an external drive thru USB and would make on regular intervals (like every minute) a copy/backup to the second drive/partition, which would accessible thru the Ethernet.

- Can this be done ?
- What would be the cheapest solution ?
- How to implement this backup procedure ? Native NAS (raid) software or a small custom program ?

Can you please help me on this ?

Kind regards

wutske 12th November 2011 14:00

Doesn't the FDA have some inhouse procedures for this ? If it's FDA regulated then I suppose creating a bridge using a USB disk/NAS combo isn't allowed and might be considered as a security breach, so be aware ;) .

Afaik, concurrent access to a disk using USB and LAN is tricky. I've read here that the Lacie Network Space 2:
1) can be connected using USB
2) there are two partitions for USB and LAN
3) nothing about connecting both USB and LAN at the same time

It's a start, so I'd go check out the Lacie Network Space 2's documentation to see if this it what you need. With a bit of luck you can even regulate the backup from the USB partition -> LAN partition via the built-in backup solution.

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