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OPPAINTER 5th June 2002 18:52

My latest piece of work
Check it out my KX7-333 Review, we need the hits:D


The Senile Doctor 5th June 2002 18:58

tell you one thing.

your reviews rock and you know why?

they're all about what we OC-ers wanna know...

it goes straight to the core and OC testing...

Reminds me of a song by Motörhead, Lemmy singing : "That's the way I like it, baby, I don't wanna live forever"

Our version towards Oppainter reviews : 'that's the way we like it, baby, we don't want our Hardware to live forever"
Notice the capital H

quote : "Side Note for AMD from OPPAINTER:
A little message to AMD while I'm at it, heh heh. It's a fact that AMD Overclockers are dropping like flies. I shouldn't say dropping it's more like converting over to Intel. Myself, and a few of my buddies, on the 3D team, that are sticking with AMD, are having a tough time holding are own against these 3gig plus Intel chips. You folks at AMD need to send us out some those XP2400 thoroughbreds you folks are holding behind closed doors. We, with the help of fine Motherboards like the Abit KX7-333, could put AMD back on top of the 3D charts with some of those chips and put AMD back in the spot light. Who knows maybe even the Great Macci from Finland would convert after being passed up by an AMD chip, heh heh. Heck, we may even have a chance with the new XP2200, Give us something to work with at least. Give me an e-mail and I'll send you my shipping address, heh heh."

You little bastard ;) , using your reviewing power for personal advantage! I like that!
You should add one thing to this message... the fact that people really BUY accordingly, the enthusiast market is BIG, bigger than some imagine, and lots of people not on the top of the charts are getting led by people who are there in the top 20 for their new hardware...

they should understand that... when an amd leads the 3dmark charts... thousands buy amd...

TerAngreal 5th June 2002 19:03

job well done

-- especially like the "to AMD ..." part at the end

tell you another thing ... if you ever got some test samples you don't want / need anymore, you know where erm ... i ... uh .. live :D

OPPAINTER 5th June 2002 19:17

Heres what AMD is holding out on us

It doesn't work!!


deronny 5th June 2002 19:18

that's what i call a review by an (extreme) overclocker for the (extreme)overclockers
nice work

TerAngreal 5th June 2002 19:23

OPP -- probably because max IMG size is set to 10kb ...

... or mebbe cuz the link's invalid :D

The Senile Doctor 5th June 2002 19:26


oppainter is telling us the greatest of all secrets and all I see is edit
that is NOT acceptable.

get us a link, opp!

TerAngreal 5th June 2002 19:31

link was there - but invalid ...

OPPAINTER 5th June 2002 19:35

I'm trying to post a picture but it says the file is to big or when I use my storage it doesn't come out. See if this works.

Forget it, here just use this link.

The Senile Doctor 5th June 2002 19:49

yep... imagine getting the 2 gig now... and having Opp putting it in his eva... guess that review would rock the OC-scene...

however, some inquirer-gossip : "We're hearing worrying things about the Thoroughbred family as well. The XP 2200+ is still scheduled to be introduced next week sometime but sources familiar with machines using the CPU say it's running hotter than hot, despite the .13 micron core that should help make things cooler.

And the benchmarks are not as impressive as some had hoped, according to one manufacturer here close to AMD's plans.

Intel people here seem to have had an attack of schadenfreude about AMD's apparent dilemma. The gravy train, they believe, stays rolling by bringing out peak performing CPUs at very regular intervals. We detect a note of anxiety from Intel, however - people we've talked to wonder if, indeed, AMD is cooking up some delightful K8 pastry that will floor them in the continuing megahurts hooplah."

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