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UltraVolta425 6th January 2010 23:01

motherboard&memory questions.
Hey again guys.

So, my question is: if I take a look at, for prices of motherboards, I see not much motherboards support memory speeds of above 1333MHz.

Does this mean that, if I plug in a Corsair memory module of 1666MHz, it simply won't work, or maybe it'll only work at 1333MHz, or something else maybe?

Also, I was wondering why in God's name there exist memories with speeds of 2133MHz, when even the fastest memory board doesn't even get past 1600MHz?

Thanks for the feedback. :)

leeghoofd 6th January 2010 23:06

which mobo range are you looking at ? Eg Some low spec P45 Giga boards have even got +2200DDR3 marked on the PCB :p

P55 goes up high in ram clocks, I7 needs a good IMC on the CPU to get anywhere... 2000mhz there can already be a struggle to stabilise... Mostly between a well tweaked 1600mhz setup and a normal running 2000mhz ram platform there' s not much performance difference in daily apps...

UltraVolta425 7th January 2010 06:09

this is what I was basing myself upon:

ASRock X58 Deluxe -
Standaarden DDR3-1066, De kloksnelheid van het geheugen is afhankelijk van de geheugencontroller in de processor. 66

Foxconn Flaming Blade -
Standaarden DDR3-800, DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333, De kloksnelheid van het geheugen is afhankelijk van de geheugencontroller in de processor. 66

So, Leeghoofd, what did you actually mean? That I just shouldn't look at that, and just buy my Corsair 1860MHz memory?
And what will it do exactly then? Work just fine at 1860MHz? Or only at the speed the motherboard supports? (eg: in the case of the Flaming Blade: 1333MHz?) Or won't it work at all?

thanks for the feedback. :)

leeghoofd 7th January 2010 06:59

Thing with I7 is that for more than 1600mhz operation speeds you need to overclock the Bclock. Both boards will support even ram up to 2000mhz and maybe more, but like Alternate states it's more dependant on the CPU as the memory controller is integrated into it. If you have a weak Integrated Memory Controller you might need to push wacky volts to get there.

As me and Massman have already mentioned before in the B2B and Gene II article it's more worthwhile for 24/7 systems to tweak 1600mhz then to run higher ram clocks with a looser Back to back setting.

I don't see the point in buying 240 euro rams that do 1866Mhz with CL 9 as I'm pretty sure that a 1600mhz kit with Cas 8 can come really close in performance. This all if the mobo supports the B2B setting in the bios.

If you intend to overclock I would go look for Gigabyte and Asus boards as they have loads of bios options. I have never used one of these boards you mention, but for the Foxconn bios support might be slacking. Asus, MSI and Gigabyte got the B2B implemented in the newer biosses...

UltraVolta425 7th January 2010 07:08

ok, so technically, if I would buy the Flaming Blade, and 1600MHz memory, all would work fine?

leeghoofd 7th January 2010 07:33

yes without the need to overclock the Bclock and without maybe to push silly volts to get the ram clocks stable... if you are not into benching any decent 1600mhz C8 or 9 kit will do mate, the higher specced kits are only worth for the enthousiast crowd...

You are upgrading from ? and the rigs main purpose is ?

UltraVolta425 7th January 2010 08:29

I'm upgrading from a C2D E6850. 3 gb random 800MHz memory. Purpose of the PC: never to buy anything to do with PCs again. Also: high performance gaming & watching lots of bluray. Also, multi-tasking is very important to me: I hate to see 4 application of which 2 are running slow, such as is the case now. ;)

leeghoofd 7th January 2010 10:23

you will be pleasantly surprised by the raw power of I7, but make sure ya HD's can keep up with it !!

UltraVolta425 7th January 2010 16:00

hadn't really associated the vast raw power of the i7 in combination with a HD. Is there maybe any HD you would suggest? If possible, something 500GB-SATA-ish, since I have no experience with SSD's whatsoever.

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