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nitrom 18th January 2005 19:26

Motherboard choice...socket 754 or socket 939?
:hello: I am buying components to build my first computer.

Can not make a decision about the Athlon 64 bit compatible mobos and need help.

Between socket 754 or socket 939.

Which one?...I understand socket 939 is more advanced...but do that translates into better performance?

jort 18th January 2005 19:34

yes, don't take a 754 it has not future.
price is almost the same.
i guess an A64 3000+ is the most prize/performance related
and msi k8n neo2 for mobo.


easypanic 18th January 2005 20:46

s939 MSI Neo2 with a 3000+ cpu , best price/performance.

Gothrek 18th January 2005 21:43

i agree with easypanic

kristos 19th January 2005 00:38

and I agree with Jort! nah :feesten:

no seriously, the msi k8v neo 2 platinum or the epox 9nda3+ or the epox 9nda3j (less support for the j version)

petervandamned 20th January 2005 02:53

Think 754 will be like the 423 socket
forget it and buy a 939

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