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kristos 20th February 2004 18:07

Modding gear
In time, I would like to start modding myself but I have no experience in these matters so I don't even know what to get.

I see all these mods and everything that's done is sooooo small. I don't know what the Wattage should be for the soldering iron I don't know what solder composition I'm supposed to get (with or without "hars" dno the word in english) and I don't even know where on earth I would have to find one of those mini sergical knives (you know, doctor's knives ;))

Also some tips on what to start with to get some experience before attemting to "mod" something like a 200 vidcard :mad: , that would be great :o

jakkerd 20th February 2004 20:15

you would like to start modding yourself?
diy plastic surgeon?

if you don't want to start whit an 200 graka, start with a 20 graka.

piotke 20th February 2004 20:57

I olso started with a 10 tnt2 btw :) and now I'm pelting a 250 graka ;-)

kristos 21st February 2004 13:53

A friend of mine is going to get me an old P1 rig I can practice on but I'd still need to know what equip I'd need before attemting anything :)

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