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Sidney 17th October 2005 00:42

Memory contacts
One of the contacts fell off of my 512MB stick during removal. Of course, I did not find this out until the horrible "beeping" sound screaming out of the case duing booting process.

Lucky me I said to myself; followed by why me?

The next twenty minutes I tried soldering; lifting another thin contact from an old PC66 32mb memory in an attempt to salvage the damage - no such luck:(

Being curious in everything, I used an X-Acto to scrap off a "fine" channel in hope to use a lead pencil trick to make contact - again no such luck.

I went to the fridge and pop open a can of beer - went back to the "dead" module after a few minutes of R&R. I continued on the previous failed attempt; I then came to the second layer of the PCB where another layer of copper ciruit surfaces ..... carefully I scrapped off a little more horizontally to "enlarge" the exposed circuit enough that I thought would make "contact"; hoping it is the right circuit at the same time.

I popped the module back; turned the system on; closed my eyes and hoped that "beep" sound would not visit my ear drums. It DID NOT ..... system continued on the booting process and I was greeted by "WINDOWS".

jmke 17th October 2005 00:49

[g]Memtest+86[/g] ... before you lose precisious work from a random reboot:)

Sidney 18th October 2005 00:18

But, I am talking about physical damage and the cure :)

jmke 18th October 2005 00:32

yes, but to make sure that the cancer is really gone, run Memtest86, boot into windows != stable system;)

Sidney 18th October 2005 01:57

It's working just as good as before:)

jmke 18th October 2005 09:43

that's good news, no pics of the "hacked" memory stick? ;)

Sidney 18th October 2005 17:45

Really a ***** to work with; never had this experience with the contact lifted off of the stick. :)

jmke 18th October 2005 19:35

aah, one pictures says more than 1000 words, I though one of the resistors on the PCB had been removed

Sidney 18th October 2005 21:36

That pin or contact must have been "caught" on the very edge during installation and snapped off. I did think of returning it to Apacer since it has life time warranty; but Apacer has not been making DDR for quite some time. The pair runs at 2.5-3-3-7 despite 3-4-4-8 rating.

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