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vegeta 9th June 2002 09:08

Madshrimps merchandising
Are there already plans of making merchandising 4 example casebadges and t-shirts?
maybe it's kind of :gay: but it' s just an idea

jASjE 9th June 2002 09:39

well there were plans for casebadges, but for the l33t crew only at this moment ;)

we'll c :)

TerAngreal 9th June 2002 15:53

test samples of [M] casebadges are planned for this summer

(~somewhere soon)

... but these will only be distributed if we (the crew) feel they have the right quality for being an [M] product !!

hell yeah, i don't want to see any [M]fanatic with some bad gear on his rig :^)

GORGH 10th June 2002 09:33

maybe lasercut fangrills
casebadges are sucky:D

TerAngreal 10th June 2002 12:03

that's fine for me as well ... you gonna take care of it Gorgh? :^D

GORGH 10th June 2002 15:08


Originally posted by ·Ter·Angreal·
you gonna take care of it Gorgh? :^D
:grum: NO

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