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ShaquilleMoreno 22nd July 2008 22:49

looking for a site with Lian-Li Casemods
I know i does not realy belong here but I don't no where to ask it otherwise.

A little wile ago I saw a site with only cases and casemods from Lian Li. The color of that site looked like this one (I thought). But how I look I can't find the site anymore.

Does anyone knows the site I mean?

Tanks in advance.

jmke 22nd July 2008 22:53

novel approach to find a site :-)
welcome to the forums :hello:

was it a webshop or enthusiast website?

ShaquilleMoreno 22nd July 2008 23:06

It was a site just like this one.

Casemodding site or something like that.

uni1313 23rd July 2008 19:42

Is this the site?:

jmke 23rd July 2008 19:57

looks different though;)

ShaquilleMoreno 23rd July 2008 22:14

Maybe the site had recently done a facelift.

I think this site is as close as it's gone get.

thanks so far

jmke 23rd July 2008 22:17

why are you looking for Lian-Li mods, inspiration?


ShaquilleMoreno 23rd July 2008 22:32

No, no inspiration. Only interest for Lian Li cases.

I own a CM Cosmos S case right now but want to buy next month a Lian Li PC-A7110. I hoped to find some pics of that case there. That's why.

jmke 23rd July 2008 23:11

changing already? Cosmos S is far from old:)

ShaquilleMoreno 23rd July 2008 23:18

I can't post my case becouse i must had to to made 5 posts minimum.

next post Ill try again

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