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nigel 26th June 2009 17:11

Looking for good motherboard for core I7
I am looking for a good motherboard for the core I7.
And yes i am going to overclock.
I have been looking around a bit.
I have been looking at the Asus P6T.

but I am not sure...
Sow please help me out a bit :)
And my budget max 300.

leeghoofd 26th June 2009 19:07

Giga UD4P maybe mate, P6T Dlx is nice too. I would go over 250 euro's If I was you. There's no gain for daily usage...

nigel 26th June 2009 19:31
Gigabyte 1366 GA-EX58-UD4P DDR3

And what do you mean by there's no gain for daily usage... :-p

Asus P6T deluxe v2
also looks nice :D

leeghoofd 26th June 2009 19:39

to spend 300 bucks compared to a 200-250 one, all of them can run 200Bclock , which is more than enough for nice 4GHz clocks and beyond

Look here for the UD4P ; 219 euro's at and

nigel 26th June 2009 19:59

ow like that :)

And the UD4P is a good deal then?
It looks good ^^

leeghoofd 26th June 2009 20:24

Yep it's good enough mate... very durable mobo.

nigel 27th June 2009 06:34

Thanks :)

It was getting confussing :D
Some seem the same but the price is different ^^
o wel ^^

JimmyJump 28th October 2009 15:10

In the meantime, almost six months have passed and we had the launch of the LGA 1156 mobo's... that's what I'm going for. Since the core i7 860 is a very nice processor with loads of overhead to OC, that's the one I ordered, in combination with an ASUS Maximus III Gene micro-ATX mobo...

Okay, so it has DDR3-dual channel instead of triple, but the mobo is a wet dream for tweakers... ;-)

Haven't decided on the memory. Been using Kingston HyperX for quite a while (DDR2 PC8500@1066MHz) and I'll prolly stick to that brand and their HyperX mem.


leeghoofd 28th October 2009 20:19

I'm calling Asus tomorrow for some 1156 mobo's to test

JimmyJump 28th October 2009 21:25


Originally Posted by leeghoofd (Post 247066)
I'm calling Asus tomorrow for some 1156 mobo's to test


I'll keep an eye out for the results.

Saw a test for the Maximus III Gene at Guru of 3D, by the way...

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