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Logitech diNovo media desktop Logitech diNovo media desktop
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Logitech diNovo media desktop
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Old 1st December 2003, 19:17   #1
Xploited Titan
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Default Logitech diNovo media desktop

Most people have certainly noticed the hype concerning the latest creation of Logitech: the diNovo media desktop...

It just happens I ordered one

So, I come late at my home (it was a wednesday (27-11-03 to be exactly), and my schooljourney stops at around 17.00 )and suddenly I saw a package with Logitech marked on it (in fact, it was the box Logitech used to send a whole bunch of diNovos to shops), I opened it in a hurry and saw finally this little black beauty... Well, no, in fact, it was the actual white box I saw, the black beauty was still inside

I opened the box and first thing I saw was the huge folder/poster with the few instructions you need to follow to install the set... Under it, first exciting moment: the mediapad nicely packed in: nicely smooth and curved, but amazingly very flat (less high then my hand resting on a table )... So, I continued packing out: a big white box: I opened it and OMFG, here you got the MX900 mouse It has just the same specs as the well-known MX700 mouse, only difference is the BlueTooth (BT) support. I found in the same package also the docking station to recharge the mouse and which servers as the BT hub.

Finally you've got the last piece of the set: the keyboard, as flat as the mediapad...

Now, before getting started with the review of each piece, I would like to give some reaction on the unpacking of the set...
1) Why does Logitech use white boxes inside it's white box? I've spend 2 f*cking hours looking for the batteries of keyboard and mediapad and the transformer which gives the hub the current it needs to recharge the mouse... :grum: :grum: :grum:
2) The documentation could have been more complete: except for this posterlike documentation, you've got nothing else :grum: :grum:
3) Should there always be a number three?

Like you all know, it's just an updated MX700 mouse, only the wireless communication module has been changed, for the rest there're no changes. (Well, except it's called MX900 )

Little note: the mouse needs to be recharged before use, and it takes time, so, charge it asap!!!

The keyboard is very mature when it comes to design, not too flashy, just darkgrey housing, with a black rubber strip on wristholder, black keys with white markings and silver function keys... You'll also see a special key next to the escape key...

So, in total you've got a darkgrey stand-by button (doesn't seem to work though ), 3 silver buttons on the left (programmable and launching your e-mail program or site, your earch page and the homepage you've choosen)

On the right you'll see the same silver buttons you'll notice on the mediapad: 3 little buttons for volume control (up, down, mute). There's also a media button, linked to some kind of joypad which controls the previous, next, stop and play/pause functions of the mediaplayer summoned by the media button.

You won't see any led on the keyboard, the CAPS lock led is vieawable on the hub. The Function key, which is next to the escape key gives you access to the functions written on the upper side of the Fx keys (replace the x by a number from 1 to 12 ).

The keyboard is very slim, in fact, keyboard and mediapad keys are notebookkeyboard based, you've got a very silent, agressive and precise typing... I really lik it, even though I'll need some time to adapt, cos I'm used to work with a MS Natural Keyboard Pro...

BTW, for the people who are wondering about it, you can use the keyboard even when you need to work into the BIOS, so, you've got no excuse left (except the wallet )

The Mediapad
This little thing gives you some nice info coming from messenger or from WMP 9.0... It can also be used as a simple calculator, and of course as a numpad (note a singular triple zero button '000'.

Of course, it can be used as basic remote control of your music or video player (up to 10 meters I did so far )...

The BT hub
What to say about that? You recharge your mouse with it, it accepts all BT apparatus and has a blue light telling you it's working and eventually 2 green leds (CAPS lock and Function key lock)...

That's all folks...

Well, it's rather easy, bt really elaborate, you need to install the software (Setpoint 1.02, which you need to upgrade with version 1.03 and needs the same install procedure), connect each device and secure the BT connection...

When it's done, you just configure a bit, and you're ready for the rest of the time

Bad stuff about the set:
1) I would have liked some backlight for the mediapad's LCD, you always need some light to see what's scrolling on it. Double battery capacity for the mediapad would be interesting too, Logitech claims 6 months autonomy for the keyboard and half the time for the mediapad
2) Drivers certainly need to be fixed, sometimes I've got minor bugs, but nothing harmful...
3) The price is a bit high, even though Logitech build a real quality set which is guaranteed for 5 years...

Final thoughts:
I don't regret my purchase, far from that, and if someone wants the best from the best in keyboard and mouse, just look for that set. Once again, I'm a proud Logitech user

PS: due to the lack of a digital camera, I can't take pictures... Sorry for the inconvenience
PS2: this is my first review, so don't be too harsch, thank you
Old 1st December 2003, 19:23   #2
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nice one

i have the mx700 and it IS realy good
Old 1st December 2003, 19:24   #3
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just one thing I want to now about that blue tooth stuff. What's the range, and how does it coop with interference. (yes I treat that as one thing, interference from devices and from range )
Old 1st December 2003, 19:25   #4
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Default Re: Logitech diNovo media desktop

Originally posted by Xploited Titan
So, in total you've got a darkgrey stand-by button (doesn't seem to work though )
You can switch on or off those buttons in Windows. (Don't ask me exactly where )

Edit: gotta love google:
Old 1st December 2003, 19:29   #5
Xploited Titan
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K, found it, you need to configure the power options inside the control panel...

Just changed it before I saw your link, Roswell, thanks anyway
Old 1st December 2003, 19:32   #6
Xploited Titan
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Originally posted by FreeStyler
just one thing I want to now about that blue tooth stuff. What's the range, and how does it coop with interference. (yes I treat that as one thing, interference from devices and from range )
Well, I took the mediapad, got one level down (I live in a duplex) and went to the othr side of the duplex. I could easily (though you've got some latency) change the music, the volume, etc...

I haven't experienced any interference (don't forget the connection are 'secured') of some kind...

Range: I'd say 10 meters, in a straight line from the hub, maximum (radiowaves go through the walls with maybe a slight attenuation, but I had no trouble)
Old 1st December 2003, 20:57   #7
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got pictures?
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Old 1st December 2003, 22:04   #8
Xploited Titan
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Originally posted by jmke
got pictures?
Can get them from another review

Look my first PS
Old 2nd December 2003, 01:34   #9
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bluetooth has gotten a huge leap forward in range (pun intended)

might be interested to cut the cable clutter. Then again, don't have many bluetooth devices yet, and the battery drain would be huge, unless you're going to use li-ion rechargables.
Old 2nd December 2003, 13:50   #10
Xploited Titan
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NiCd batteries have the most power, Li-Ion isn't worth the money, frankly, but the first batteries are offered by Logitech. We'll see how long they will last...
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