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Jolan 4th March 2004 11:41

Logitec color question
Does anyone know in which colors Logitec Cordless Desktop Optical (or whadya call it, KB + mouse, wireless, optical mouse) can come?
Silly question, I know. :)

FreeStyler 4th March 2004 12:12

white-bue and black-silverygrey

The actual cordless desktop OPTICAL is only black-silverygrey.
But a cordless desktop navigator is white and also optical-cordless. the cordless desktop deluxe optical is mainly black.

Jolan 4th March 2004 15:06

And they really don't make the cordless desktop deluxe optical in white? Black doesn't fit the rest of my pc. :)

FreeStyler 5th March 2004 10:01

nope, the navigator is close. It doesn't have a dial for volume settings. and the mouse is a default 3 button type. No extra thumb button.

Jolan 5th March 2004 14:37

Feck. The black one it is, then. Thanx!

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