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The Senile Doctor 13th February 2003 11:46

like them or don't... they speak true words
We are currently talking to many of the right people in order to move this initiative in the proper direction when it comes to getting better benchmarking utilities for all of us to use. In doing this, we will hopefully benefit the person that is the only one that really matters when it comes right down to it; and that is you, the guys with the cold hard cash in your pockets that wants a great product for your money.
**** the shitty benchies

their hardocp ut2k3 benchmarker was/is a great program!!

jmke 13th February 2003 11:48

they already blundered 2 & more times... what they say there is just c/p from their forums & other people thoughts, my 2 cents.

I mean " I find it hard to place any real-world value on the 3DMark03 score"

even I figured this one out 15min after it was out.

The Senile Doctor 13th February 2003 12:09

I know... but what total system/gpubenchies are we gonna use in future reviews?

quake is so old it doesn't mean crap...

jmke 13th February 2003 12:51

UT2 / U2 / SS2 / Q3 / HL :) / D]I[ / Comanche / CodeCreat / 3Dmark2k1Pro

RichBa5tard 13th February 2003 12:54

I think/hope the unreal 2 engine is going to be used in future 3D shooters.

I'm a bit confused though: is the ut2k3 & u2 engine _exactly_ the same, or has it been improved? Because benching with the provided .bat file (flyby & botmatch) with ut2k3 is easy & fast. :)

jmke 13th February 2003 13:08

same engine afaik

DUR0N 13th February 2003 17:04

it's still the original unreal code.
the unreal code was written in such way they could alter anyting @ anythime.
they have just opgraded their engine everytime.
so the engine is still almost equal, but there will be some differences.

jmke 22nd February 2003 13:24


Originally posted by DUR0N
it's still the original unreal code.

:^D what have you been smoking


The figure we have from Epic is they feel that UT2K3 is roughly twice as fast as U2. That may be a little exagerated, but I think it's fair to say that their performance (for multiplayer) is going to tend to be a lot better than ours (for single player) given equivalent res and detail settings.

However, it's really not productive to compare since our performance profile is *totally* different from theres -- due to the differences in game play dynamics, the differences in Engine subsystems (particle and mesh rendering, for example), and level design and optimization tradeoffs.

Although much of the core of the engine is common to both games, the majority of the factors that dramatically affect performance aren't -- the overarching factor being game design, and the tradeoffs associated with the design approaches.

It uses the same engine, but due to the fact that you can control what happens on screen as it is not multiplayer, they are able to put much more detail in. Also there is a much more detailed particle system that legend has custom built, more extensive use of karma, and an animation system called golem, which allows for more realistic anims. Also as it is SP, there can be nice looking scripted events, and from what ive seen, there are realistic weapon impact effects, not just sparks no matter what surfaces you shoot. Also there are more exotic weapons which allow for pretty effects. such as the spider gun which leaves the enemy writhing in agony as he is bitten by hundreds of tiny spiders which you can see crawling all over him

The Senile Doctor 23rd February 2003 11:21

duidelijk zichtbaar... op 1600*1200 kan ik veel aanzetten in ut2k3... als je dat doet in unreal2 ben je verloren zelfs met een 4 ghz

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