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HackerSmith 18th October 2005 23:42

Lexan plastic for case
I'm constructing a backpack case using .220 cm thick Lexan plastic. I wanted to know if anyone has had experience working with these materials, what paints I can use, what I should cut it with to get a clean cut, what preperation the material needs and what I might use to make some spiffy looking brackets. From what I understand Lexan is di-electrical, but I am still concerned static charge may be built and as I'm resting the motherboard nearly ontop of it I want to be sure everything is ok in that respect.

I've tried using a dremmel cutting bit to cut the plastic but it seems to be melting it and not really giving me a clean cut. I've already bought the sheet, so I am pretty set on using Lexan, but if there are some other plastics people would recommend please let me know.


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