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Sidney 13th July 2004 18:38

Let's talk current upgrade
Intel System:

S478 Northy with nice OCing beats S775?


S462 with 512k Cache with nice OCing close to A64 ??


If you already have either one of the above; let's say -

Intel Northy C at over 3.4 Ghz
AMD series AXP at over 2.6 Ghz
Good to excellent Vcard
Good to excellent memory
SATA drives setup

Does it make sense to go into the current greatest?????

Your comments please;)

jmke 13th July 2004 18:54

only upgrade when you NEED to, when you can no longer play the latest games at MEDIUM settings, you should consider eliminating the most restrictive bottle neck of the system, if you already have the latest vidcard, then go with a CPU upgrade, and the other way around if you have a speedy cpu/mobo but a slower vidcard.

as far as I can see, only GAMES require you to have the latest gear to enjoy them at the HIGHEST details.

if you upgrade your PC when it is really NEEDED, you will have saved quite a bit of money.

I'm currently still using the PC I bought in September 2002. An Abit TH7-II, at the time I had a P4 1.6@2.4 which has been replaced with a 2.26@2.5.. at no great cost as the 1.6A was quite popular then and I got good money for it.

The vidcard (Ti4600) has since been replaced by a R9700Pro and I am still able to play all the games out NOW at medium-high quality settings at 1024x768 and 1280x1024.

I only lack in the memory department, unfortunately it is a waste of money to buy new RDRAM now, so I'm waiting for Piotke to finish toying around with my A64 setup so I can start to move to that system with 1gb of DDR ram:)

Blue_Boy 22nd July 2004 01:07

dit wordt mijn upgrade (ff gecopy paste uit een niet nader vernoemd document)

De Sponsor Jim Lijst
(voor projecten die niet door de KGB worden gefinancierd)

Project 1
Jim's RAID setup

2 IDE naar SATA adaptors: 30/50
1 Maxtor 80 gig 7200 rpm 2mb chache ide harde schijf: 70

-Totaalprijs project-

Jim is eindelijk van z'n Nijpend hardeschijfgebrek af, en de pc word 2 x zo snel op harde-schijfgebied.

Project 2
The more memory the better

1 stick ram van 1024 mb RAM:200/300

-Totaalprijs project-

zo als we allemaal weten (en vooral jij Moeder), kan een mens nooit genoeg RAM-geheugen hebben.
en zo blijft er van mijn geheugenbankjes nog 1 van de 4 over, zodat ik nog kan opgraden naar 2500 mb RAM

Op dit moment totaal benodigde sponsoring

geheugen is zo ****ing duur :-(

jmke 22nd July 2004 06:56

english buddy! :)

Blue_Boy 22nd July 2004 07:57

yeah i know, but it seamed such a "fearfull strain" to translate thaat entire wishlist to english, and i'm sure they can make out the necesary things like ram, 1024 , raid,****ing and gig from it...

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