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Proweedsmoker 27th June 2011 18:58

Latest Upgrade Questions...
So, Its time to upgrade the rig once again and I have some questions for you guys if you dont mind...

Upgrading the rig to :

i7 2600k sandybridge from a DC e8400 wolfdale
MSI P674A-GD65 from a MSI P7N Platinum
GTX 580 from SLI'd 9800GTX+ Black Editions
Also grabed 8gigs of ddr3 pc1600 Gskill Ram

Ima reuse my corsair 1000HX PSU..

Now, on to my questions...
-I want to reformat my HDD for this, if I run the free version of Killdisk to clean it 1st, will I be able to use the HDD afterwards? I have the factory win7 64 disk?

-Im reading mixed reviews about the MB, I got it on a combo deal from newegg and Im worried I should have gone with the ASRock, which was cheaper, any thoughts on the MB I got? I dont plan to OC much...

-Overall, how will the new rig compair to my old setup? (its in the mail, just cant wait to see lol)

-Lastly, I have a 90mm Zalman copper CPU fan on the rig now, will I be able to use that with the new setup, or will I need a specfic type of cooler for the new socket? How good is the factory fan the CPU it comes with?

I think thats all I got for now...

Thanks for the advice and help as always,

Proweedsmoker 30th June 2011 15:45

Just a lil update: WoW!!! This is like double or even triple the rig of the ol e8400, and I def. think the i7 let the 580 beast loose, gfx is games is much, much better!

Anyhow, few other thoughts. Damn Zalman heatsink didnt fit this socket, so Im forced to use the stock cooler, in bios I was around 50c ( with the side off, 3 internal fans going, and a house fan blowing at the computer) with 0 load, Ima bit worried to game untill I can get a proper cooler, didnt expect it to run this hot!

Anyhow, thats all for now, havent even got to really play w/ it yet...

SuAside 30th June 2011 20:06

Bios is NOT zero load! It might not actually be doing anything, but it's likely doing between 60 & 100% load in BIOS.

Proweedsmoker 1st July 2011 15:53

Wow, I didnt know that! Thanks!

Im am starting to worry about the heat this cpu is making, last night I was running the windows experience test, w/ the OC genie going and the supercharger, just to see if the OC genie worked, and I watched the temps jump to 75+c. I stopped the test and shut her down instantly, and turned the OC genie off. ( I do have a healthy layer of thermal compound on btw)

Now, Im in the market for a new case and cpu cooler. I was exploring the water cooling option, but I think copper is still a better heatsink as it actually draws the heat out.

So, my question is, Im gonna order the Antec 900 case, upgrading from an old acrylic see though one, what is the biggest zalman fan I can fit on the cpu inside of that case that will actually move the air?

It seems the bigger the fans get, the slower RPM they make, and afaik, lower RPM = lower air moving and heat disapating...

Thanks for the help as always,

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