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SuAside 24th August 2011 11:07

Keyboards: back to basics
I'm in the mood for a change of keyboard, but I really can't find anything that suits me tastes. I use some very old el cheapo Logitech keyboard at home. It's fine, however not very maintenance friendly.

- Must allow multiple keystrokes at once. At least 4 simultaneous keystrokes must be possible, more would be optimal.
- Must not be mushy keys (like laptops).
- Must not have low height keys (like laptops).
- Must have double sized enter key (EU style, not US style).
- Pref must have full sized number pad.
- Must be USB.

Any additional features like special function keys, integrated USB hub, etc are all fine, but really not required at all.

(Azerty is nice, but not necessarily required, I type both blind)

Something that somewhat suits me fancy would be the Das Keyboard Professional Silent EU model. Basically an IBM Model M revamped & made silent. :)
But spending 100+ euro on a goddamned "basic" keyboard is a lil' stupid...

So if anyone has a valid alternative, please share!

jmke 24th August 2011 12:22

oh, you already found DAS; that's about the only option ;)

SuAside 24th August 2011 13:48


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 270832)
oh, you already found DAS; that's about the only option ;)

If that's true, that's quite depressing really. :-/

With the new cheapo basic keyboards not being able to handle multiple keypresses at once and the gaming oriented keyboards that do handle multiple keypresses at once but come with laptop style nonsense or too much flashy crap, there's really no alternatives that I know of...

jmke 24th August 2011 16:44

I'm pretty happy with h=1014
don't know if this fits the bill

SuAside 25th August 2011 13:57

That's funny, that's the keyboard I'm using at work. :P

I'll need to check if we have more in storage to take home and give it a testrun with games. It's true this keyboard is basic & supports multiple key presses (though in my limited tests at work only up to 4).

Any idea how easily these keys can be popped for cleaning or will I have to sacrifice one to find out? :)

Edit: Found a cruddy keyboard in storage to try it out on: they pop out easily & are easily inserted back.

jmke 25th August 2011 14:14

that keyboard is very good for gaming (FPS); no complaints :)

at work we've the next gen: Dell L30U

good for typing, a bit quieter, but more compact design is less ideal for gaming

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