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TeuS 18th April 2004 12:12

someone spilled coffee on my superior Cherry RS6000M keyboard and the circuits have been damaged. actually only one row was damaged, causing my SHIFT key not to work :(

so, I want a new one. I don't need fancy add-ons, a wireless one or an illuminated one. it can cost some money if it's good :)

most important is the kind of button system the keyboard has. my cherry works with the keys fixed on the top part of the keyboard, and under them there are rubber thingies that are all connected to each other. it types very well, and it's easy to clean/take apart because the rubber thingies are connected to each other. not like those CHEAP keyboards with rubber thingies that are not connected to each other. if you have to open those (clean them, put a blue led in in it) you have to re-arrange those +100 rubber thingies, and you usually lose a few :wtf:

I don't like old fashioned keyboard keyboards, because they're so robust (strong) you have to press the keys hard. cheap keyboards often type too soft.

Aren't there any laptop-keyboards around?
I've heard RB say they type very well, and also, you make less noise when typing (important as my rattling keyboard keeps my parents awake)

who's got some info on this stuff?

jmke 18th April 2004 13:48

buy a new Cherry board?:)

TeuS 18th April 2004 14:27

yeah but it's not easy to find the exact model. I've seen a lot of them on well I've got some money now so I'll try to get one

but aren't there any other quality keyboards?

uni1313 19th April 2004 20:35


Logitech has a sort OEM keyboard that is a laptopmodel it costs around 28,00

TeuS 19th April 2004 20:50

more info, where to get?

edit: only interested in the logitech one. the coolermaster one is very nice, but I don't like the position of the arrow keys

187(V)URD@ 20th April 2004 18:16

go to webshop => tastatur=>cherry

hope you'll find something

TeuS 20th April 2004 19:04

are those axis keyboards AZERTY like in belgium?

TeuS 20th April 2004 19:10

found a review explaining some stuff :)


The keys themselves incorporate "Soft Touch" technology. Whether you like this or not will be down to personal taste. The term "Soft Touch" means that the keys do not click when you press them. Pressing them onto a pressure pad activates the keys. The old style of keyboard used micro-switches, which clicked as they were pressed. These had a tendency to break over time though and I have found that Soft Touch keyboards seem to last longer, as there are fewer mechanical parts to fail.

guess my cherry is a budget keyboard, a high-budget keyboard can only get better :)

187(V)URD@ 20th April 2004 20:13


Originally posted by TeuS
are those axis keyboards AZERTY like in belgium?
i guess not :s

FreeStyler 21st April 2004 10:11

I've already looked for those logitech boards at the main distributor. but I couldn't find them anywhere.

If you find them, let us know. I'll keep an eye out too.

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