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wutske 28th October 2005 06:47

Inet problems
First problem is my own website. When I visit it with Opera, I can't surf anymore for a while (30-60s), but chatting doesn't seem to pose any problems.

Second problem(s) occured yesterday.
My father received this e-mail from his router:

Dear User
Your router has detected and protected you against an attempt to gain access
to your network. This may have been an attempted hacker intrusion, or
perhaps just your Internet Service Provider doing routine network
Most of these network probes are nothing to be worried about - these types
of random probes should NOT be reported, but you may want to report repeated
intrusions attempts. Save this email for comparison with future alert
Your router Alert Information

Time: 10/26/2005, 18:31:22
Message: SYN Flood to Host
Source: 10.a.b.c, 1182 (=me)
Destination:, 80 (from PPPoE1 Outbound)

Visit the UXN Combat Spam web site to get more detailed information about
the intruder -
1. Type the intruder's IP address into the IP WHOIS search engine
2. Click the Query Button
3. Detailed network and administration information will be displayed is Trap17, they are connected to my free webhost.
Later on, I my firewall gave me a warning (2 to be exactly).
First on was because I denied 2beta to access the internet, second occured the moment after.

Unsolicited incoming ARP reply detected, this is a kind of MAC spoofing that may consequently do harm to your computer.

Packet data is shown in the right window.
Remote Host: the router
Local Host: me
and about the whole evening, I kept having problems surfing the net, it just wouldn't work from time to time, but again, chatting posed no problems.(it seemed like renewing the network cards ip helped, but I'm not shure)

Anyone know what to do ???

What the SYN flood means ???

Going to ask my father to send the other 2 mails he got from the router.

wutske 29th October 2005 10:17

Other warnings:

Time: 10/26/2005, 18:36:31
Message: SYN Flood to Host
Source: 10.a.b.c, 1605
Destination:, 80 (from PPPoE1 Outbound)

Time: 10/26/2005, 19:01:04
Message: SYN Flood to Host
Source: 10.a.b.c, 2972
Destination:, 80 (from PPPoE1 Outbound)

Time: 10/26/2005, 19:36:13
Message: SYN Flood to Host
Source: 10.a.b.c, 3616
Destination:, 80 (from PPPoE1 Outbound)

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