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scope4live 1st May 2009 07:27

Incredible DAW...
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Gentlemen I come here to read and learn.
Many professional DAW builders are using the Gigabyte i7 X58's because of them high quality build.
I have always stayed with stock motherboards from Intel as I favor mission critical stability.
I have had a change of heart and want the best possible motherboard with quality parts I can find.
The Intel X58 is truly pathetic in my humble opinion. DAW builders have stated the parts are cheaper than ever, and the PCI slots have issues with certain soundcards.
Add the fact that they have brought us such an excellent CPU/Chipset combo and ruined their mobo by having 3 x DIMM's.

I have decided to go with the UD series and want to thank the gents who provided such detailed benchmarks, pictures and opinions.

The apps I use store their footprint in RAM, and then stream the remaining larger portion from the hard drives.
This makes me wonder if the cache size is as important.
I wanted to buy the OCZ PCI-e 8x drive because the cache size and MB's per second seemed really fast. But I decided to use an Adaptec SAS RAID card w/ 4 x HDD's in a RAID 10 configuration. This would give me 300GB of redundant, fast content.

My question is is the cache size important? I already have the RAM as the intial footprints, which then go to streaming from the drives.
If the cache isn't that important, due to the RAM being 12GB's and DDR3-2000, would the SAS RAID be a wise decision? It's the same price as the OCZ, and has 4 x SAS HDD's in a RAID 10 array. The O.S. + Apps. drive is an older WD1500 which is in the RAID cage, but will be seperate from the array which will be sample content only.

I think it is wise to but the fastest RAM, and since you guys are all overclockers, could I OC the RAM up a couple of notches and see even better results?

Thanks For Any Reply,

I will use the i7 920 since the CPU won't really be stressed much.
Reason for that is that I have an XITE-1 1U DSP rack that does all of the hard work, and is connected to the 4x PCI-e slot.
It's a 4000 dollar soundcard, but like you guys, I only want the best.....:ws:
Thanks to you guys I will going to a knife fight with a Machine Gun...:woot:

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