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wutske 15th July 2004 15:05

how do you protect against ad/spy and other wares
Simple question, how do you protect your computer against those things ?

For me;
Internet Explorer:
- -Only use it when it doesn't work with Opera
- -1944 sites and lots of ActiveX and cookies are in the bad list
- -strict settings
- -try to keep it up to date
- -no Java
- -restricted Javascript
Mail (M2):
- -Built-in spam blocker (moves it to another folder)
- -I-Tags are blocked by virusscanner (Avast)
Firewall (Sygate Personal Firewall):
- -does what is should do
Program I use:
- -Ad-aware
- -SpyBot Search & Destroy
- -Spywareblaster
- -Adsalert
- -Antivir personal Edition (only on demand scan)
- -Avast Antivirus (on acces & on demand)

For the rest, I use my brains (yes, I have that too :^D )

jmke 15th July 2004 15:08

IE: none
Firewall: none
AV: Norton AV 8 corporate, server + clients up to date
Mail: Spambayes

jakkerd 15th July 2004 16:21

mozila firefox instead of IE
spybot s&d

DyNaRaX 15th July 2004 18:28


Norton AV 2003 Pro

Zonalarm Pro 5

Adaware and Spybot

No Spam protection, I don't recieve spam :D

Xploited Titan 15th July 2004 18:52

Ad Aware and Spybot S&D



I think that's all...

Razorwolf 15th July 2004 19:49

IE6 and Firefox
Kazaa Lite K++

No spyware at all, only some tracking cookies but that's no big deal. No spam too :).

maro 15th July 2004 20:02

norton antivirus 2004
norton personal firewall 2002
no ie en definately no outlook

easypanic 15th July 2004 20:18


No other protection as I :

1: don't receive much spam in my Outlook account
2: don't visit warez/pr0n sites :p :p

187(V)URD@ 15th July 2004 20:34

sygate personal firewall 5.5pro
norton 2002

Long time I had spyware on my comp and long is about 1 year.

jort 15th July 2004 22:59

firefox instead of IE
norton AV2004
last mc affee firewall

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