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TeuS 25th April 2003 20:17

high quality pics of opteron's
I found some high quality pics this morning @ school, but I've lost the link :(

who can tell me where I can find them? It was some kind of photo special...

TeuS 25th April 2003 20:35

finally, I remember :grum:

jmke 25th April 2003 21:17

looks clean!

TeuS 25th April 2003 21:24

mighty wallpaper :o

JaNeBa 26th April 2003 22:13

looks like a p4 with a new heatspreader :^D

no, looks very tight !!

BlackRabbit 27th April 2003 02:55


Zouden er ook "OSAMA"s zijn? :D

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