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Stone 18th February 2005 21:42

Here's a dumb question...
I have a question that I'm sure some of you could answer. I recently got a Logitech wireless mouse, a "Click" model. Granted, I keep my computer on most of the day (sometimes for days at a time) and after a week or so, the batteries of that mouse went dead. I never have had a wireless mouse. Is this normal battery life? They were Duracells. If so... I think my daughter just got a new mouse, lol. Any information?

Bosw8er 18th February 2005 22:12

I have my wireless keyboard and mouse for almost 2 months now, PC is "on" 24/7.
Haven't changed the batteries yet.

jmke 18th February 2005 22:36

if you use the mouse a lot then one week is surerly a normal battery life-span. get some rechargable ones immediately btw!

Da_BoKa 18th February 2005 22:48

depends alot on the mice!
I have a mx700 and it uses quite some power ( when I game ~6 days with a pair ), and my dad has just a regular logitech mice,and hes does quite some time with a pair ( 1 month, if not longer ), but he only uses for some office work!

also look for some high powered rechargable batteries, ( 2100-2300 mAh )

Bosw8er 18th February 2005 22:54

? MS wireless desktop elite = at work
Haven't changed batteries in two months ... possibilities:
a) I must be lucky
b) I don't use the mouse a lot
c) JMke is wrong

Sidney 18th February 2005 23:19

I have four sets.

One set I don't use much batteries last for three months. Others I use often; last for about 3 three weeks. I use 2500 mAH rechargable batteries.

Less use less power consumed is the reason. Thanks to A4tech, the fifth set is battery free cordless mouse.

Stone 19th February 2005 10:50

Well... if this is "normal" battery life for this... it's going to be my daughter's mouse, and I will go back to looking for a good Logitech trackball... again.

kristos 19th February 2005 13:10

the battery type can make a huuuuuuge difference.

take my digicam for example, with some 13-in-a-douzain baterry pack, I can take 3 pictures and then I already get the low power message... with a quality battery pack, I can take about 80 pictures and maybe more; all of this with flash.

AngeluS 19th February 2005 13:20

I do approximately 3 months with my batteries in the mouse, the ones in my keyboard last between 6-9 months. I have a logitech lx500

jort 19th February 2005 13:28

running completly wireless too.
its a no name keybord and its stays about 2 months without charging.
and my MS wireless optical mouse 2.0 about 1 month.(btw 750 mAh batteries) :p

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